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 Post subject: New Player Critical Information
PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:38 pm 
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[[ Excerpts from the diary of a Necromancer ]]
[ page 112 ]
I was traveling the Ether and came across this wondrous place The Rathe and I have chosen to adventure here for a time. During initial exploration I stumbled up this Library. There were many passages and hallways and alcoves filled with tidbits and volumes of information. Much of it was organized in certain places but often filled with too much to take into ones mind in a single setting. I would read in the Library before going out on an adventure and armed with that information, I was more prepared to take on the beasts of The Rathe.

During my travels I would meet strangers on the road and discuss the nuances of this world compared with other worlds in the Ether. I was a little surprised that they didn't know some of the most basic of things about The Rathe, as some of the questions they asked me were readily available in the Library. I concluded that it was possible they didn't even know about the Library. I must do something.

[ page 113 ]
I offer to my fellow travelers the location of some alcoves and hallways to aid in what I call an Educated Adventure where you can prepare yourself before arriving at your hunting location.This place is the trail head where you arrive at the main outpost and there are paths heading off in multiple directions.
Here is that Outpost You can get anywhere from here.



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