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 Post subject: Re: Introduce yourself!
PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:23 pm 
Senior Member
Senior Member
Joined: Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:03 pm
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Location: New Zealand
Hi there,

I joined last night and played for a few hours messing around trying to work out the bot thing, thrilled by the possibilities...

At age 21 I bought myself a ZX81 and then progressed through Spectrum48, C64, 520ST, Amiga and so on.

I have played more games than anyone I know, MMORPG wise, its been EQ (from day 1), UO, DAoC, Guild Wars, WoW and many smaller less famous games that would exceed my brain mem.

I would like to thank all the devs for such an enterprising venture and look forward to playing many hours online with my "bot" family :)


PS. Its my Birthday and Im feeling VERY old, actually I AM very old :(

And the Captain shouted "Fire at will", I dont know who Will is but he must have been very naughty...

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 Post subject: Re: Introduce yourself!
PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:59 pm 
Developer Team
Developer Team
Joined: Wed Jan 28, 2009 4:07 pm
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Welcome! Feel free to ask any questions and post prolifically.

The Realm

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 Post subject: Re: Introduce yourself!
PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:54 am 
Developer Team
Developer Team
Joined: Fri May 18, 2012 3:55 pm
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Had a few moments this morning so I was browsing through the forums.
I discovered something..... I have never introduced myself! :grinlove:

Old is a relative term, I hit 60 this year.
I played a few Atari games, nothing special. Nintendo again nothing special till I ran across the Zelda line.
That style of game I liked, didn't have to be lightning fast with the controls (more thinking your way through).

My ex-brother in law got out of the service (Air Force) and him and his family needed a place to stay while they find a new home back in Louisiana.

He brought this "thing" into my house. A 386, I was nervous, never seen a computer before, not sure what it was for and why would anyone want / need one?

After a week or so I finally decided that I needed to at least try it. Started small, Hey! you can look up stuff on this thing called internet explorer!!!!
It has a few games, Solitare, I liked it, gave me something to do besides what my wife wanted me to do. Used to be a big chess fan, tried it but never could beat it.

Well in-laws finally moved out ( bought a trailer 4 trailers down the lane from mine BUT he took the 386 with him!!!!!
Now what am I gonna do? Ok time to bite the bullet.
Ordered my first PC
I think it was a 486 not sure though.
Intel Celeron 300
64 mb ram
windows 95
don't remember the drive size.

Goofing around and doing more research, I found out about Overclocking.
Ok this is fun, had my 300 running at 500 and stable!
Ex-brother in law was jealous!

I ventured down to his house one day and he was glued to his monitor playing a game. What was that I asked.
Everquest he said. I watched him play that game for a couple hours.
Told me I needed to buy a copy and load it onto my PC and we could play together. What a concept, I could play a game without being in the same room with other people!
So my EQ life began, at the time EQ didn't have any expansions, but it didn't need any. created my first toon, Aardil, Human warrior in FP. Didn't know much about stats and probably was one of the weakest warriors on the face of the planet but I could kill stuff (sometimes).
By the time I got the game loaded and working, Brother in law was in his mid 20, he didn't want to come play with a level 2 warrior.
So I went about playing in my own hap hazard style. Exploring and dying. Found out it was really important to remember where you die. A couple of deaths I remember took me most the day to find my corpse (and I had not left the Fp newb areas yet) :frustrated:

As I progressed, I found a couple of people who were sympathetic to an under powered warrior. Cant remember their names now but I owe most of my EQ life to them.
traveling around they introduced me to this group of people in a thing called a "guild".
I was asked if I wanted to join, and I thought ... why not?
Thus I became a member of Stalwart Blades on Mith Marr. Good bunch of people, all though we were never a "raiding guild".

As time went by, eventually, I became the guild leader (why anyone would follow me anywhere is still a mystery).
Guild leader became a lot like work, always trying to find places for the guild to go and do things. I was much happier just being a member.
I finally resigned, ended up leaving the guild :(

Created my first real character (one with stats the made sense) a wood elf druid Gludain.
I loved it, I could solo stuff, got pretty good at multi kiting.
Got back with the guild as a member. I think this was the best time I had in EQ, Gludain made 50, he could go hunt, I could bring a few friends along and group hunt and on occasion, hunt with the guild.
Some say I was still the defacto guild leader, just didn't have the title anymore since I would still bring guildees hunting with me but not raid targets.

About that time is when I made a fatal mistake, got married in game......... About 2 weeks after the wedding, I quit playing Gludain.
Created several different toons after that, just looking for the right combination.
Sad part is I went back to playing Aardil "The underpowered warrior".

It was about this time that my RL wife through a fit. She could never reach me by phone because I was always on line (dial up).
To cure this I had a second phone line installed. This lasted about a month because my old PC needed upgrading (it didn't really but I told it did). Bought the parts and created my first AMD chipset PC.
Half the cost of intel chipsets and overclockable!
I have ran nothing but AMD since, well my laptop is intel but I bought it that way. It is my experience that AMD and Laptops don't play well together (AMD chips run hotter).

Back to the story, now I have 2 PC's and guess what? my wife still cant reach me by phone because now I am playing 2 accounts and both phone lines are tied up.
Finally got DSL.
Still had 2 accounts but I met a new friend who could play 4 accounts at the same time, with my 2 we had our own group.
We played together through Omens of War.

EQ life continued and expansions just kept on coming.
Stalwart Blades was under new management and we decicded to give them another shot as members.
Still not a true raiding guild but at least they did try to raid.

From there, we found about 6 players from the guild that really wanted to play and raid (less social)
The guild had a parting of the bubba from there, don't know if it ever recovered but the guild I knew and loved was gone.

Started guild hopping and landed in a few good raiding guilds. This is where it got ugly, My useless warrior was not welcome in the raiding guilds (poorly stated, no wonder). I could bring my druid but not the warrior.

by now, I was getting tired, Druid was fun to play solo or even in a group but in a raid....... you were basically and under powered cleric.
I don't even remember what expansion when I quit.

Stopped playing EQ for several years it seems.

One day I ran across an old friend, haven't seen him in years. He tells me about this Ax-Classic and I should give it a go.
Since I had never even heard of an Emu, I wasn't sure what was needed. The thought of having to buy all the expansions again, kinda put me off but he said, if I had my original set of disc's that's all I needed.

Took me a few days but I got it all up and running and I have not looked back since.

I have gone from the worst player in history, to the newb with a thousand questions, to the guy who repairs a few scripts to content developer.

Even Lox didn't think I would cut it when I started script repair but again bull headed wins.
I cant fix everything but I do try.

To those coming to Ax-Classic, Enjoy your time with us.
And while I am not on line all the time anymore, it just means I am creating a new hell for you on my private server and it will be going live when you least expect it :twisted:


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