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Friendly reminder

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Friendly reminder

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Just a friendly reminder, the new ladder reset was performed successfully on October 1st for overdue maintenance. During subsequent weeks of server observation, many of the implemented fixes and changes have been running as intended. As a result, the next ladder reset will be on July 1st 2022 as scheduled. Also, no early resets for those specific flagged players will occur. This means everyone participating for this ladder season will have an extra two and a half months on top of the usual 6 months to reach level 65.

If you're brand new to AX Classic, welcome and please consider joining the ladder as rewards and items can aid in your adventures. Simply create a new Character and speak to Champion Darkwater in your local city to get started! As usual, you can always check your ladder standings here, browse guides section here, and post bugs, fixes, concerns, feedback etc through forums here. Other news include minor web changes:

*Smarter way of displaying recent threads.
*Added extra clause on ladder intro.
*Ladder Info changed to Ladder Stats.
*Front Updates changed to Logs.
*Removed home link clutter and replaced with Guides.
*Moved guides link to top menubar.
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