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New Easter Event

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New Easter Event

Post by aardil »

The time has come! It's Rabbit Season!

From the mind of Aardil:

Spent the last month or two building a new Event for Easter (I have others in progress also but this one actually made the deadline). :wink:

First things first. You need to patch your client with the following Patch. ... assicj.rar This is the classicj patch if you have not downloaded it yet.
Download, unzip ( its a .rar file ) and let it overwrite your client files.
This particular patch is larger than most since it does contain files that you will need for Christmas event also. I will have a much smaller patch for Thanksgiving Event.
Main reason for the patch is so reward items and NPC's will look correct. This patch is for Underfoot Client. I dont know what it would do in Titanium since I dont have a working Titanium copy to test.

Back to the event.
This event is for any level player. Level 1's can do the event as well as level 65's.
Everything scales according to player level.
Groups and raids are welcome (player and bots) but should be doable with group.

Players under 49 and under.
You will be assigned a task window that takes you close to your starting Peter Cottontail. This was done so really low levels could join in the fun without having to cross oceans. There are several Peter Cottontails. Each has a unique task as to where to go to kill Evil Rabbits. They all overlap to some extent but keep in mind this was done so low levels ( players with less than a group of bots could participate ). Peter Cottontails are in most starting cities not all but most.

Player 50+:
You must find a Peter Cottontail ( again in most starting cities).
Peter Cottontail will assign you a different Task than the lower levels. Its the same style event but you must travel the world to find the appropriate Evil Rabbits to kill.

Pretty straight forward, Find Evil Rabbits, kill and loot Easter Eggs.
Once you have the eggs, combine them and return to the Peter Cottontail you started at. This is kinda important.
If you do the final turn in to the wrong Peter Cotton tail, you will not clear the task.

You get 2 items and a bunch of exp.
First the items:
Lucky Rabbit's Foot (Item # 120323)
This augment scales with the player level
For some reason (Lag maybe or just takes a little while for the script to catch up).
When you first inspect the aug, it wont have any stats.
Give it about 10 to 20 seconds and it should show correct stats for your level.

So at Level 1 the stats are:
AC 1
HP 2
Mana 2
End 2

As you increase in level the stats will improve.

So at level 65 the stats are:
AC 45
HP 70
Mana 70
End 70
STR 15
STA 15
INT 10
WIS 20
AGI 15
DEX 15
CHA 15
MAG 10
Fire 10
Cold 10
DIS 10
Poison 10
HP Regen 5
Mana Regen 5
End Regen 5
Spell Shield 1
DoT shield 1

Item #2
Is an augment Distiller
This distiller is the only way to remove the above augment safely.
It can not be purchased.
This distiller can be used to remove any of the Event augs be they Easter, Christmas or any other event that I use augments as a reward.
The augment is usable by both player and bots.
The event is repeatable so while they are Lore, you can pass them off to bots and have several of them (one on each bot and one on yourself).

Again scales with the player level but I think you will find it is worth doing several times.

I am planning on going Live with this Wed. March 28 and will run through the Easter Weekend (most likely 7 days total).

Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to Congdar for helping me get through my brain farts on this one along with some guidance on how to avoid issues with the event.

As always, It worked fine on my server and should be fine on Rathe but only testing will tell.

And thanks to all the players for allowing me to make your life a living HELL!!! :twisted:

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