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Vex Thal

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Vex Thal

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I've gone through Vex Thal and fixed the widely reported issues with multiple npc's spawning in the same spot, on top of each other.
While going through the zone and fixing the multiple spawns issue I also noticed that several other things were not working.
  • Warders now spawn
    Unmezzable npc's are now unmezzable(which is practically all of them)
    The Xakras now spawn on the death of Akhevans
    All 3 Palace Keys are now used.
    Many of the doors without keys are now locked and require a Rogue with a +lockpick item to unlock them.
Since so many things were broken, I've revoked all previously owned Vex Thal Palace keys and keyrings. You will have to re-acquire them. If you previously had a key you no longer do, because with all the changes, you have never really been to this zone.

Fabled Spawns:
  • The Fabled Aten Ha Ra
    The Fabled Kaas Thox Xi Ans Dyek
    The Fabled Thall Va Kelun
The depopper script for these Fabled works in the follow way:
There is a proximity setting that is large enough that when you enter it, a 10 minute timer will start for depop.
The proximity is larger than the aggro radius, so you won't be attacked while activating the timer unless you get too close.
If you back out of the proximity radius, the timer will stop.
The Fabled will inform you of the 10 minute timer when you enter the proximity. If you back out of the proximity, the Fabled will inform you of that also.
The Vex Thal Palace has 3 floors. They were designed so close together that Fabled depop script proximity radius reaches through almost all 3 floors. I have massaged the proximity radius to where it has the least impact possible while adventuring on the other floors of the palace, while still allowing for triggering of the depop timer without getting aggro. So if a Fabled is up, you may activate the depop timer from a floor below, or from one of the teleport locations. Once you move out of the proximity, the timer will stop so you still have time to get through the rest of the palace and have a chance at the Fabled npc if you desire. Since Vex Thal is a true dungeon crawl that takes a long time to make it from start to finish, a straight up depop timer was not ideal as the Fabled would depop long before you got to it.