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Sleepers Tomb is open

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Sleepers Tomb is open

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As the title says the revamp of sleepers tomb is now complete.
Items of note:
You must obtain a key to enter sleepers tomb. I will leave that up to you as where to get one.
Once you enter sleepers, everything is set to Kerafyrm is alive and sleeping in his chamber and the 4 warder dragons are up.
If you kill all 4 warders in a day, Kerafrym will wake up, and begin its trek to zone in killing anyone in its path unless it is on the same faction as him. There are a few mobs he wont kill but most are toast.
This is the secret to the warders. Kill only 3 and either go kill other stuff in the zone or leave the zone and come back tommorrow. When the server resets (daily about 3:30 am) the counter resets and you can kill 3 more warders without waking Kerafrym.
If you wake kerafrym, the the mobs will change, the warders become the ancients and kerafrym will be gone forever to you.
Key word is for you.
Any new player entering the zone will have the zone reset to Kerafrym is asleep and the warders will be up.
There is a check in place so if a player is in the zone with Kerafrym dead. It will not reset to warder condition untill that player leaves the zone.

All in zone quests and events are functioning.
The npc's that will talk to you, thier dialogue will change once Kerafrym has left the zone.

So collect your key and I hope you enjoy the zone.
One last note, Kerafrym asleep spawns are as close to what it should have been. There is no real data out there so I am going off memory.
After Kerafrym is released, it is the same as EQ Live.
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