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 Post subject: Thanksgiving event is up and running for 2020
PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2020 9:02 am 
Developer Team
Developer Team
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Thanksgiving Event starting Nov. 2nd through Nov. 30th

You will need to download and overwrite the following update if you did not do this last year.
The following is a 7z file it contains 3 files that need to be expanded and placed in your EQ folder.

Be sure you over write the existing files.
These files work on both Titanium and Underfoot.
Basically they are files needed so the NPC's show up as they should and not the generic human model.
This is the updated zip file as of 11-14-20


This event is open to all players of any level. This is a group style event (NO Raids allowed).
The event is repeatable so you can get a reward and talk to Farmer Glumr again and do the event over and over.
The Fight NPC's will level according to the player level more or less just like an LDon).

Make you way to the East commons tunnel and talk to Farmer Glumr to start the event.
Follow the task window and complete the event for a fabulous reward.

When you do this event, go through all the dialogue (hidden flags are in the responses that will stop you from continuing the quest if you do not complete the dialogue).
You will see updates to the task window but it wont flag you for the next step untill you complete the dialogue.
A Mezzer is a must in this event. Even if you are a level 2 player, one of your bots NEEDS to be a Mezzer, otherwise, I can say with out any doubt... YOU WILL FAIL this event.

One of 5 augments that can be augmented onto any level player or bot. The augments will increase in stats as the player advances in level.
One special augment distiller. This is the only safe way to remove the special augment (they can not be purchased they are only rewarded from these style events like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving).
and of course Experience.

Please post any bugs that you find.

Hope you enjoy the event.


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