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Rest In Peace Brad McQuaid

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Rest In Peace Brad McQuaid

Post by patrikpatrik »

I can't believe this. He passed away yesterday evening and I didn't know about it until today.

I am speechless. He was virtually the epitome of the entire Everquest legacy and to many many people, at least to our EQ community, he was considered as one of the true visionaries to the world of mmorpgs. He was fairly young as well and caught many of us by surprise. I hope Pantheon will continue to stay the course as he always wanted it.

I truly believe Everquest set the bedrock foundations to the world of the massively multiplayer online role playing games as we see today. He didn't just bring Norrath together. He brought together people from all over the world, new friends, old friends, families, but most importantly, changed the video gaming industry forever back in 1999.

Sometimes I wonder why I keep coming back to this wonderful game even after two decades, maybe because it's that special. Thank you Brad for giving us the opportunity to play.
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Re: Rest In Peace Brad McQuaid

Post by Angelox »

Wow, yea, I remember him.
It (Everquest) started with Verant Interactive then I think when Sony fully absorbed Verant Interactive, that's when Brad took over.

The Verant game was much harder, I liked that, but not many people did. Brad changed all that
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Re: Rest In Peace Brad McQuaid

Post by Congdar »

Brad was a Giant who's shoulders were stood upon by all other MMORPG developers that came after him and his EverQuest.