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More on the New Ladder

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More on the New Ladder

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Keep in mind, the ladder is now a true challenge and you will be working from scratch when you start.
Since leveling is running as intended (slow), I'll probably ask patrick to keep the current players on this three month ladder, to port over to the new six month ladder that starts with the new year, so they have more time to get to reach the level 65 goal.
Since the new ladder is harder, we're working on new rewards and new titles for any one who accepts the challenge.
Remember , You can only join the ladder when you start; At level 1, you should go and see the NPC named Champion Darkwater, and agree to his terms so he can flag you.
If you just want easy play where some Illegitimate play is allowed, by "some" I mean that you're not running second party scripts or doing other things to crash the server or mess up the other players' game, then you shouldn't join the hard-core game with Darkwater and his players.
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