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         Project AX Classic

This changelog has been dedicated to reflect this page only since it is no longer updated, only maintained to fix broken links and/or non-functioning pages.

TRinfo Changelog (Last major update 2011)


Patrikpatrik: Added What's my faction? link in faction section.

Patrikpatrik: Removal of SVN snippits and replaced with it's own dedicated changelog.

Patrikpatrik: Zones section 'Zone by Levels' columns fixed.
Patrikpatrik: 'Items search' by 'HP Regen' displays fixed.

Patrikpatrik: Strategy section fixed.
Patrikpatrik: 'Melee damage' and 'Defensive AA' calculations page functioning.

Patrikpatrik: 'Tradeskills' fixed, specific tradeskills can now be selected.

Patrikpatrik: Spells section fixed.
Patrikpatrik: 'Spells search' corrected, classes toggle functioning, min and max levels re-introduced.

Patrikpatrik: -omitted- 9/15/2017

Angelox: Plug n' play.

Tdayin: Inception of this webpage (unfinished).

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